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The Medical Impact of Poor Indoor Air Quality

This course is 1 LU|HSW

This course is designed to equip learners with a comprehensive understanding of how building environments impact human health. Participants will learn to identify and assess building elements that negatively affect health and articulate the associated health impacts.

The course will cover the concept of sick building syndrome and the recent shift towards designing and maintaining healthy buildings. Learners will gain practical knowledge on implementing strategies to enhance building health, including air cleaning technologies and the application of ASHRAE Standard 241.

Additionally, the course will highlight how improved indoor air quality can enhance human experience and productivity. Upon completion, learners will be prepared to apply these principles in their professional practice to create healthier built environments.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this courseĀ learners will be able to

  • identify and assess the elements of a building that can negatively impact human health and articulate the specific health impacts associated with each element.
  • understand the concept of sick building syndrome and discuss the recent shift in focus towards designing and maintaining healthy buildings.
  • implement strategies to make buildings healthier, including an understanding of air cleaning technologies and the application of ASHRAE Standard 241.
  • demonstrate how improved indoor air quality enhances human experience and productivity.

AIA CES Provider Statement

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Indoor Pathogens including CoronaVirus

In this course we delve into the statistics, medical language and how to talk to customers in a relatable way. We learn about gasses, particles and biologicals and conduct basic conversations about these hazards. Brief punchy videos not only to understand more about pathogens such as Coronavirus. But how to control the impact of pathogens within a building.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what is in our air in our homes and what can cause problems
  • Understand clean air terms in context with the construction industry - such as what a Pathogen is.
  • Learn how dangerous chemicals, biologicals and allergens get into the air and what keeps them there
  • Understand what an allergens is, such as ragweed allergen, dust mite allergen and other household air-borne allergens
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What are Asthma & Allergies?

Asthma and Allergies impact a staggering 50% of US households. Many indoor triggers are causing medical challenges. Dr John teaches us the triggers of asthma and allergies within the home and how to talk about it. We examine the lack of regulation in this area and the confusion this brings to home owners. Finally we look at how to mitigate against these common allergens and have better, more productive conversations with your customers on this topic.

Learning Objectives

  • The scale of the Asthma and Allergy challenge in the USA
  • Learn what happens during an asthma attack
  • Learn about the natural history of allergic diseases
  • Understand why a ‘whole house approach’ is needed to reduce the impact of asthma and allergies and how building with asthma and allergies in mind can vastly reduce the impact on sufferers
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In Home Triggers

Dr John takes us on a fascinating ‘walk through’ of a typical house spotting common reservoirs of indoor triggers that can lead to poor air quality and negative health outcomes. Learn the positive impacts of ventilation, source control and cleaning. Become an expert in spotting the potential triggers and help your customers build the best, healthiest, indoor environment possible.

Learning Objectives

  • A room-by-room guide to air-borne triggers that create negative health outcomes, including The importance of ventilation, source control and cleaning
  • Understand what rooms we find these triggers in, and other home features that impact indoor air quality
  • Develop a systematic approach to identifying, controlling, and even eliminating the sources of indoor pollutants and allergens.
  • Inhalation and triggers caused by: The material of the building envelope, decoration and room finishes, air handling and airflow, what we bring into the building, how to maintain a building
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Cleaning for Health: Elevating Indoor Air Quality through Collaboration

This course isĀ created from Dr. John McKeon's keynote at the ISSA Show North America in November 2023.

John highlights indoor air quality's importance in healthy buildings and its impact on health, urging cleaning pros to focus on health, not just aesthetics.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the Importance of Indoor Air Quality: Participants will learn about the critical role of indoor air quality in creating healthy spaces, its impact on human health, and the connection between outdoor and indoor air quality.
  • Recognize the Role of Cleaning in Health and Wellness: Attendees will gain insights into how cleaning practices go beyond aesthetic purposes and significantly contribute to maintaining a healthy indoor environment, especially in the context of recent global health concerns.
  • Explore the Relationship Between Building Design and Occupant Health: The session will provide knowledge on how architectural design, ventilation systems, and material choices in buildings affect the health and wellness of occupants.
  • Learn About Sustainable Building Practices and ESG: Participants will be educated on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria, with a focus on how sustainable practices in building design and maintenance can contribute to overall environmental health.
  • Develop Strategies for Healthy Building Management: TheĀ session will equip attendees with practical takeaways and steps for creating and managing healthy buildings, including understanding the interplay of various factors like air quality, building materials, and cleaning protocols.
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Academic Lead

Dr. John McKeon

CEO of Allergy Standards with over 20 years experience in health and the built environment

John is a medical entrepreneur and currently the CEO of Allergy Standards Ltd (ASL), an international standards and certification body, a company he founded while working as an Emergency Room Doctor. As the founder he has led the development of an international intellectual property portfolio of patents and trade mark applications and negotiated complex licensing agreements with multinationals such as P&G and 3M. Along the way he has secured significant equity investments as well as academic and industry grant awards. As a serial entrepreneur, John is involved in a number of successful healthcare related ventures.

How you learn

  • Requires internet connection & web browser
  • Available on mobile or laptop
  • Slide based courses with Dr John McKeon
  • Interactive quiz and surveys
  • E-books and realistic page flip
  • Audio and video lecturer
  • Ask questions and get answers from a real person
  • Links with Allergy Standards content library
  • Optional access to a comprehensive knowledge base